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_Ego is a visionary as far as hair styling goes and
heated rollers have certainly evolved with the
introduction of the ego boost.
Revolutionise the routine and transform your hair style to suit all of your egos. The soft touch rollers are easy and ready to use in seconds, deliver fast fabulous results and give you incredible versatility with all hair types.


To order the ego boost system or additional rollers and clips, contact your

local distributor or purchase here

  • Superfast!Pop a roller into the pod and 4 seconds later it's ready to use.
  • No Panic: Rollers designed to heat the hair not your hand
  • Va va voom volume:Select the larger rollers, you have a choice of sizes.
  • Who shall I be? Curly, wavy or polished movement, give yourself an ego boost.
  • Simplicity Heat, roll, cool and go Gold Seal 1 year warranty.


Diffuser Ego
Smart Ego
Twisted Ego
Big Ego
Alter Ego